Which leisure battery?


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Certainly is looking good :)
Unless you definately had the right software (and also the right cable - often it is not just a matter of connecting a simple cable), you'd be best off not fixing what isn't broke :D Option 2 and 3 look perfectly acceptable I would say (I would typically set the float at a value in-between those two but the difference is not worth loosing sleep over).

Yeah ill just leave it well alone and wing it. Even if it is only getting 80% capacity charge its got to be better than the old one and for fifty quid a bargain.


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For Murky I've just ordered 8 200Ah cells and a couple of BMS to assemble two batteries to replace my Trojan T105's
That should give me nearly 4KWhrs for the habitation. It will be a grim trip away to use that lot.

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