LPG stations

I just had a quick look at myLPG.eu and found 2 stations close to the A1 and the M11 both last confirmed 10/08/23. Morrisons at Camborne is half way between the A1 and M11 so I would stay on the A1 and then cut across to the M11 via the A428 visiting Morrisons on the way. I didn’t like the myLPG app until recently but now it seems to be kept much more up to date. @campervanannie have you got the latest app update, with yours showing no updates since 2021 it makes me wonder.
I’ll check and update it 👍 mm updated now, sometimes you just need someone to point you in the right direction.
Thank you.
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I can't say I have used it in the last few months, but the Lindesfarne Service Station on the A1 (right had side if heading North) has an LPG service which I can't see being removed (one reason being it is away from all the Petrol and Diesel pumps so not taking room up there).
Used it over the last 2-3 years.
Never been the cheapest by any means but any port in a storm and all that.
Morrisons Wakefield not far from jct40 M1
Morrisons Thirsk just of A1
Texaco Birstal W Yorks
Bp Savile road Dewsbury
All visited within the last few weeks prices are pretty much immaterial when you need it you need it. ;)
I have spent the last hour on S4S, myLPG.eu and Filllpg trying to find lpg on my route south A1(m) M11. M25 it’s been hard work most say lpg no longer available and the rest haven’t been updated since 2021 I’ve found 2 in a nearly 300 mile trip so will have to ring them to check so yes I thought a list of ones members had actually used in the past few months would be helpful or at least would be to me.

So you have a thread with over 1,000 posts giving details of LPG station visits. How would you search that to find ststions on the A1(M); M11; M25 ?

The posts are in no particular order, do not have a standard data content; the is no proximity search (e.g. stations near Doncaster).

If we are going to start a new new data depository it would be better to incorporate into the Map. Which involves a lot of work for someone on quality management and data entry.

I remain resolute that utilizing an existing LPG app is the better solution.
I will, of course, go along with whatever Admin decide. Even if it means me having to make all my changes on both an LPG app and on the group.
I remain resolute that utilizing an existing LPG app is the better solution.
I agree, there is no point in re-inventing the wheel. Also the big users of LPG are the taxi drivers and they use and update the existing apps and filllpg.co.uk website.
Morrisons at Livingston (almondvale)
£*797 per ltr
spoke to them about stopping sale of lpg and told by manager news to them
Anyone with any sense would keep selling LPG until the date is up for inspection and recertification of the equipment. Then they will look to their revenue from it and evaluate if it's worth the expense/reinvestment. Silly to do otherwise.
Morrisons (Wisbech) 79.9p/lt

Morrisons (Kings Lynn) 79.7p/lt

Morrisons (Pinchbeck) 79.9p/lt
Locks Garage A465 - 4 miles South of Hereford. From memory just under 80p per litre.
Showing as 72.9p on the eu app and confirmed on 16.08.2023.

I am really only interested in sources of lpg that are not already on the the apps or filllpg.com . Has anyone identified any that have been missed?
It would be great to lpg station's on here but would need a . Lot of work .
Recently filled up at Thrornfalcom Garage in Somerset. It is on the A358 just about a mile away from M5 Junction 25. I think it was 89p lt.
A mile? It's at least 3.
Use it regularly, when not travelling.
Did have cheapest Diesel price in the county 2.5mths ago, when last at home.