Booked myself an appointment


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It's a bit worrying isn't it? They announced a few weeks ago that they knew there were going to be temporary problems with supply during April and that stock of both types was being reserved for 2nd doses. This is borne out by the daily figures... 1st jabs were down really low a couple of days ago but 2nd jabs hit a record of nearly half a million in one day. Let's hope the domestic supply chain is just being a bit blippy and that stocks really are available. I can envisage problems with Phizer because of the EU blockade but we make AZ in the UK, so all should be well there... fingers crossed 🤞
Finally had my first one today! 😁

I had a wee chat with my vaccinator about if she knew anything about potential delays on 2nd doses due to availability and she said that there shouldn't be an issue but it is possible (and I think quite likely) that recent research indicates having a different vaccine for the 2nd dose might be quite likely?
I can see that as quite a good idea actually as it does potential give a wider scope of protection?