Launderette POIs for Britain


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I've created a set of POI files for KIS/Revolution outdoor launderettes in the UK, Portugal, and the Netherlands (so far). They list all of the outdoor launderettes, like the one in the photo, that I can find.

I've only included POIs for the limited number of Satnavs the programme I use can compile for, so I apologise if the Satnav you use isn't included. I only use a TomTom, so that's the only one the files have been tested on.

Before using please read the Readme document included in the zip.

Over the next few weeks/months/years I'll be doing something similar for countries in Europe, if I can find the information needed. So if anybody knows the location of them I'd appreciate the information in the form of lat/long or an accurate address, thanks.

Disclaimer: These POI files have only been tested on my personal TomTom Satnav. By downloading this file and loading the POI file(s) to your own device(s) you agree to take responsibility for their use, I will not be held liable for any resulting problem.

I hope people find it useful.View attachment 68970View attachment 68971
i opened the zip file on my PC and an excel file came up and a dialogue box saying it was only free for 40 days

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As for Europe we have found a few at Hypermarkets and large sypermarkets such LeCLerk, Intermarche and Super U
Photome who do the passport photos also provide laverie automatique in many places in France.
Laverie Revolution Compact - Photomaton
You can use this site to find a launderette near your location (helps if you know some French!)
The above link is out of date ...

Try this instead:

Click on Pres de chez moi, then choose the laundromat option.


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