Is it worth becoming a Full Member?

I would like to get a Sticker but with the post taking anything up to six weeks to arrive if at all ,I am reluctant to ask for one .
I think the time you’ve spent on the phone with me over the last two days giving advice has made it well worth 39p/week. 👍
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I know I am tempting fate here but.....

Is it worth becoming a Full Member?
Do you feel that you get good value for the 39p per week?
Have you saved money on your insurance from AIB?
Have you used the discount from GAS IT or Johns Cross?
Do you feel happier supporting the the community and helping pay the running costs?
Are you happy with the support you get from me?

Please only respond if you are a Full Member.

And please try and keep this thread serious, there is a place for banter and comedy. (this is not it)
Any posts that are off topic and do not directly relate to the questions above will be deleted without notice.
Very happy being a full member lots of info and tips. Not used the pois yet while on the road but do check them regularly when planning trips (when allowed)

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