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It's beautiful.
How long did it take to do? Must have been ages. Are the stencils bought or hand made?
Thank you, my wife did it, I can't take any credit. Took both of us 3 days of surface prep then she reckons a total of 6/7 days of painting on her own (it was kept as a surprise for me). The cab was sprayed professionally but she did the rest, three coats on the hab box and 4 layers of stencilling. She bought stencils but used them to then cut her own as she was concerned that the paint solvent would degrade the plastic, it didn't but apparently the spares were very useful as when a stencil started to 'gunk up' she could use another without having to stop to clean it.

She has just said that you are welcome to contact her if you want to take on a similar project


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Many thanks for the offer. Maybe one day....I don't think I would have the perseverence.
I do hope to see you out and about one day though!

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