The End Is Nigh?


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Unfortunately we're back to the need for 'aires' to be provided more widely, but most councils will not even remotely understand this concept because a) aires are alien and not "British" and b) they have no imagination because they generally lack business awareness and vision. They also often suffer from xenophobia and parochialism into the bargain, which doesn't help.
Not that these attitudes are restricted to councillors or people who work for councils, I hasten to add! 😉 😁
Fisherman, I understand your view and it can be hard when others might be negative. If you prefer to stay out in the countryside then I guess you just have to watch the land owners.
I just press on and do what I can and try to keep positive, and I am sure there are a few in this group who might join in. Sometimes it just needs a suggestion.
I have not seen evidence of many who are behaving like idiots when wild camping, but quite a few day trippers who do!
When I post about a body to fight our corner and to validate us individually, I am not doing so from a personal perspective. If I never wild camp in a town ever again I would still have plenty of remarkable spots up here in Scotland.This year we have found some wonderful places far away from barriers and no Motorhome overnight parking signs. And we have only scratched the surface. I don’t think we will ever be short of places to visit. But I just think that we are not asking for much, just to be treated fairly like everyone else. Unfortunately some who never “wild camp“ in town centres reckon that camp sites are the answer, well they are not. There is no spontaneity with these sites, many of which are booked weeks even months in advance.


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being serious i would think police would ask for d/licence which may help most folk,many travelers have now got fixed home here as they can now get free meds ,school and live in there vans for so many days,then they switch round keeping within the council rules,one thing i can tell is dont ever take them for fools,they could teach you a thing or two,i know some here by fist names and they dont bother me,plus the homes are tidy.
Is that because they are cunning enough not to crap on their own doorstep. preferring to use other peoples

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