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Good morning all

I've tried to search threads but technically challenged so apologies if it's been said before....
Like everyone I'm itching to get on the road. I have some concerns though. My van is basic and multitasks as work vehicle, so I will be looking to go to pubs and friends. I had a trial run on the farm my cousin lives on and loved it. I parked a fair way from his cottage but in truth was in a gated community equivalent. I plan to visit a friend in Blackpool and use her driveway as my next venture to build my confidence. When we are allowed. The thing that bothers me, though is my being alone. If I was 6' and built like Mike Tyson might be more confident but I just have a nagging fear around my vulnerability. Yes I can lock myself in and so feel safer than if I were in a tent. And I have a terrier who, although not a killing machine would certainly alert me to movements outside. However I can't quite shift the sensation of: am I safe?
Are any of you able to offer some words of wisdom, anything I should consider or things I can do to overcome this niggling anxiety? I desperately want to explore the Lake District and national parks but can't lift my underlying fear? I veer from powerhouse of bold, rebellious "I can do this" to "eeek"
Any suggestions/advice?
Maybe Try a few sites first and then a couple of the more exposed places where there are others about, I’m on my own now with just the dog and to be honest I enjoy the more secluded wild places, you do ...hear all sorts... but honestly you’ll be fine, once you do it a couple of times you’ll wonder why you worried, nothing better


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Thank you
Yes I realise my fear is irrational. I like the backup plan idea. If I feel uncomfortable. I'm hoping the more I do it the less of an issue my anxiety will be.
I think that you may find that it’s a little like going to the dentist in that the anticipation (fear) is almost always worse than the reality. But there are things to do that will ease your mind somewhat. The things that come to me are:
Park so that you can drive away without reversing.
Get an alarm with a panic button facility.
Make sure the driver’s seat is facing forward if your seats swivel
Use nylon strap between the front doors to effectively tie them together.
Carry a hefty torch like a Msglite to use if the worse comes to the worse and use a jabbing motion to the face rather than swinging.
Finally doing it frequently will teach your mind that it isn’t as bad as it first thought so it will become easier. Safe travels.


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I would also suggest c.l sites with the caravan club or camping and caraven club. They are cheap and only take 5 units and are often empty out of season. A good confidence builder.
This is sensible. When we started we did this to build our confidence of how to actually use our motor home. Didnt have a clue how to work anything. Loved the night sounds. We still do 'wild' camping for few use days then a club site to empty waste stuff and fill up with water. If you search there are some small farm camp sites. One we visit have gates which they lock every night at 11. Or use Brit Stop pubs if you want a meal and company. Enjoy

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