Shhhhh sorry but I wanna whisper something about Bristol


The price of rent or bought homes mainland has gone mad and no wonder folk have to live out in vans,home are a fraction of the price here,esp in the republic.
It must be down to the price of clay to make bricks or maybe the lack of it.
I fell sorry for people living near london as from what i see rent is just plain daft.
If every one stopped paying it the sys and price would drop fast when greedy folk went bust.
I used to bring bricks into northern Ireland every weekend from Birmingham. After the brick factory closed in dungannon .lol


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Just a thought, but hasn't Bristol just been made an environmental zone? Along with plans to ban all internal combustion engines?

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I spend a lot of time kipping in my van, sometimes for weeks in friends back gardens or drives as I'm passing through. those neighbours that take any notice [once they've understood that I really will be moving on] look in amazement that someone can actually enjoy living in a vehicle... never a complaint..,, yet...

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