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I have been searching for a while for an app based GPS with which you can download the Wildcamp POIs and also input the vehicle dimensions eh motorhome height width etc.
I have tried Map.me but it can calculate routes based on vehicle dimensions so I am now trying the Osmand GPS free app. I could not see how to download the POI at first and could not find anything on these threads using a search, but as I have now successfully added the POIs to the Osmand app I thought I'd let you know how in case it was useful to anyone else!

Osmand needs the files in .GPX format so firstly you have to convert the .KML file to .GPX which I did using a free online tool https://kml2gpx.com/.
Then from within the Osmand app Menu go to my places- click the + symbol and search for the previously converted .GPX wildcamp files (stored in downloads folder on my device). Click to open- it takes a few moments and it needed to close and reopen the Osmand app then all the wildcamp spots appeared overlaid on the map (it complained it wasn't responding then worked fine).
Then by clicking the three vertical dots to access a further menu I could edit the name of the folder and the colour it displays then on the map. Done! You can also toggle 'show on map' to choose which folders you wish to view at any one time eg wildcamp/ toilets etc.

Now we need to try the routing to see if it makes sensible routing suggestions for our van.


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Look forward to more info on how good it is particularly low bridges !


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You can set weight, height, length, width & default speed as vehicle parameters under the navigation options.

How well it navigates is, unfortunately, entirely dependent on whether the maxheight tag has been added to the way in OpenStreetmap: here's an example on the B4084 southeast of Worcester. If you happen to have set your vehicle height to, say, 5m then Osmand would route you round this.

low bridge.JPG

Of course, the 'Open' in OpenStreetmap means that if you come across something like a low bridge, or a weight or width limit that isn't currently recorded in OpenStreetmap, you can simply add it yourself for the benefit of others.


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