NEWS Campsites will be open in Scotland from the 15th July


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No problem, I will wear my kilt but do I have to go without my nickers to qualify or will there be somebody there with a mirror on a stick just to check:rolleyes::rolleyes:😇
and if you're asked the age old question.........
the standard reply is there's nothing worn under the kilt. (nudge,,nudge, wink, wink.)


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I feel ashamed to be English when you see what went on in Bournemouth. The Scottish just seem to get on with life.
Just to say, I'm from North Yorkshire not Bournemouth.
And if you do close your border down, I don't think anyone would blame you.
We are booked to go to Killin at the end of July, fingers crossed.
Why Micky, there are arseholes up here as well.
Portobello and Musselburgh beaches were crowded, and tons of rubbish left.
Kelvingrove park in Glasgow was mobbed with idiots.

Killin is a lovely spot, and if you're up for hillwalking well there are plenty of munros not far away.
Ben Lawyers and ben glass can both be done in a day.
You get yersel up here and enjoy yersel.
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"July 3rd.
The use of self-contained holiday accommodation - such as cottages, lodges and caravans with no shared services - will also be allowed from that date, along with second homes."

reckon if it's good enough for tuggers..... it's good enough for us.
will head for Duck Bay Marina at Loch Lomond & see if I get busted for overnighting.
stop by if you see a Rapido 987M.......the socially distant Milky Bars are on me ;-)
How did you enjoy your stay? I hope that you had a great time and that nobody bothered you.


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I have the odd couple of sites booked in Scotland over july and August, we have had e mails from them saying we must be self contained.
Though things might change on or after 20th july.


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Always the minority of people that ruin it for everyone else

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