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Ral, i`m more than happy to pay a fair price for what i consider to be the best policy out there for my needs but year on year it`s been creeping up.

In the past coming up 20 months we like everyone else have hardly used our motorhome, just 2 short outings when lighter restrictions allowed neither of which we fully enjoyed mainly due to the new breed of motorhomers ( i call them lunatics ) that we have had forced upon us by the staycation situation.

Not far from me is Preston Caravans and Motorhomes ( the old Hymer place ) and we popped in there to get something from the accessory shop and was staggered to see just how little stock they had and i counted 34 cars that had a " Motorhome Rental Vehicle " note in their windscreen and were locked up in their compound overnight some of which were very very expensive top of the range cars.

Apparently they are part of the McRent group and said they were struggling to keep up with demand.

The rest of the time it`s sat on our drive at the side of our house very secure behind 2 sets of gates, i`ve kept it taxed and insured so it was " ready to go " as they say.

Basically Safeguard have had my money for me keeping the motorhome safe and secure at home so to put it up yet again pushed my button.

I was prepared to walk away and would more than likely have gone with Saga but they conceded, reduced their quote so i stayed with them.

@Wooie1958 Hello Woo, welcome back.

Just a heads up to say ditto here in the North East re availability of mohos/campers.

Seems most of the main outlets round here are cleaned out of all stock, demand has been huge and still remains so, and all of them are waiting on new stock coming in, which will be gawd knows when. 🤷‍♀️

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