Happy St Georges Day


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And, of course, Happy 460th Birthday Shakespeare.

Sadly, it is the also the anniversary of Shakespeare " shuffling off his mortal coil,"

Establish mental boys ie the thin blue line , fifty years ago ^you can not take it down there sir^ ! Today your getting KETTELED !

Looked manly peaceful to me !
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Nasty scenes in London at the St George's rally today. About time the flag was taken back from the thugs.

Strange how the Police (with horses) piled in on the crowd (who were showing no sign of trouble until the Police arrived), when the same Police allow all kinds of mischief on the pro Palestinian marches. It is a sign that the Police believe that our national flag is a sign of fascism. No wonder less people have respect for the Police. And of course it was given national TV coverage
We are the media M.T , filmed it live .YT yesterday. No lieation just brute force.. but Hay ho you only hear what you listen Too.

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