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We now spend most of our time static as wardens in the summer in the UK and usually in Spain or Portugal during the winter.
We don’t have and don’t want an awning so my question is what do you use as a cooking tent if you do ?
Those of you that know us the party tent is to big and heavy so is retiring it is 6/3. So a smaller tent maybe to use in both circumstances. Any ideas or experience welcome.


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I used to use a 4.5M x 3M Gazeboo at events. Great amount of space but hard work to put up and break down. for the 2019 season I switched fully to one of the Quest Screen Houses, such as the one Winks linked to, and it was in comparison a joy to put up.
You CANNOT set it up or pack it away in less than a minute like Norwich Camping seem to claim (that is just rediculous), but you can put it up and ready to be pegged down if required in around 10 minutes and packed away in a similar time.
I have found unless it is a calm area you really do need to peg them down.

Got the Screen House 6 - which is around 3M by 3M in a hexagonal shape (so 6 sided).
Only pic I have showing this one is here on the left

I also bought this year (but obviously not had any real chance to use it) the Screen House 4+4 - which is essentially a pair of Screen House 4's sewn together.
Still very quick to pop up - trial run in the garden ....

One possible downside of the Screenhouses is that when packed away they still need a space around 6' long to pack away, so depending on your Motorhome, it could get in the way a bit?
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