Pennine way Alston to Dufton


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Following on from my earlier post I walked this North to south against the guidebook. This isnt really wise as getting lost is easier than you think. The way is well marked until it isnt. The views are great from Cross fell heading south and the ascent on a gravel road, easy. I stayed overnight at the POI I suggested in Alston. On this leg I recruited Elaine to drive me back from Dufton as we like a night out in Alston but I did do a little research on how I might of tackled it solo going South to North and thought I would share it although it might be unfair to suggest something that i havnt actually done. I had thought use the camp site at Dufton or wild camp in the vicinity. Appleby train station is only 3 miles from Dufton and it might be possible to walk or taxi there. Buses are not really an option. There is a local service that seems haphazard and designed for locals run by volunteers as far as I can tell. From Appleby I hoped to find a train and bus combo back to Alston from either Penrith, Haltwhistle or Hexham. Didnt take this further when Elaine fancied a night out and offered to give me a lift. As I recall it might work if you do the walk in the summer with enough daylight using the 681 from Haltwhistle but as i say its only a theory. Still a night out in Alston is a good thing, is got a narrow guage steam railway and its the sort of place that lays on small music festivals etc so its worth a look anyway.

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