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Went to Costco yesterday, just to fill up with diesel so I don't have to bother again for a while.

Was nervous the whole time I was out, but fortunately I still have some small bottles of anti-bac gel, bought for out and about when I was doing chemo last year. Very useful after handling fuel pumps, door handles, card machine buttons etc.

Not trying to show off, but I also have a couple of full packs of Wilko anti-bacterial wipes from last year too!

No problem with the Costco fuel, but every single car parking space was taken and the car park is mahoosive. Never seen it so rammed!

Guess all those profiteers must have been inside bulk buying the multi-pack loo rolls etc.
Apparently, as soon as a delivery lorry arrives with loo rolls and they hit the shelves they are all gone within the space of a couple of hours.
Didn't bother going in myself, came straight home.
I have been told they don't bother putting toilet rolls on the shelves they just wheel the cages out and the customers empty them.

One I got a packet of 9 toilet rolls for £3.50 and they were all gone in morrisons in 10 seconds, before that I have not seen toilet rolls for a week and that's going out every day :(


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tell us again about the tuna Trixie
ight what do yer want to know about the tuna...........i didnt get three seperate tins.....the three tins were in a sealed pack.hmm

more worrying is news that local hospital 5 mins from my home has the first case of the virus.......and i was at the hospital last night.......where docs and nurse were in and out of a room all wearing masks.......that was in the out of hour gp area......
and a young woman was sat in the waiting room wearing a mask..........called the hospital to see if information was correct...answer was....couldnt possibly comment....which means scared out of my wits.


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it's the switch. well ,it was on mine !
Think it's the gubbins Nigel, it started then made a few crunching noises and stopped. Checked my digits and they were all present so presume it's a bearing cos the blades all flollopy.

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