New member, curious about current and future wild camping regulations


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I'm retired and I've been renovating a 1988 fiat ducato motorhome, bought 2 yrs ago with the intent to tour Europe for a year - thanks brexit for making that plan impossible - so I intend to tour UK instead, even though it is a lhd motorhome. However I understand UK laws are caging to the effect that wild camping is no longer legal - no more overnighting in lay-bys and only able camp on campsites or areas with the owners permission.
How has this been experienced so far - it would seem to make lengthy touring expensive and not cost effective.


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Hi and welcome and I feel your pain regarding the restrictions we now face for touring Europe. However all is not lost. We normally do a long summer trip of up to six months but mainly due to Covid and my confidence in an ageing motorhome (been looking to replace it for some time) we toured the UK this year and are still away having left in June. Its been great. However. (There is always a however). You are right that wilding is not as easy as it once was and I fear it will get worse but there are places if you plan carefully and there are places you can stay where its not too expensive. Join up as a full member and you get access to the POI on here would be a good start.

Legally unless there is some kind of local or national park bylaw i think you can still park overnight within 15 yards of a road (not ideal of course in many cases) and many parts of Scotland and remoter parts of England wilding is still possible here. Its also worth taking advantage of joining the Caravan and Motorhome club and / or The Camping and Caravan club and using their CL (5 vans only) sites on farms etc. Some are less than a tenner but many are creeping up to £20+ now.

As for Europe and the end of our free movement one idea I had was to tour Ireland for a couple of months in spring, then go into Mainland Europe (Ireland to Cherbourg I think), do two and a half months in Schengen over Summer then head for Croatia for a month or two (outside of EU and Schengen) for the back end before spending a couple of weeks heading back to the UK. That way you could get at least six months outside of the UK.

Good luck.


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A friendly warning;

Don't mention politics that show an obvious opinion, Phil (runs forum) doesn't edit posts that contain political comments, he deletes them. It was your first post and directly linked to motorhoming so it will probably stay. Discussing the 90 day rule and similar with regards to EU travel is fine.

Using non Shengan countries and Turkey means that your 12 month trip is still feasible with planning. BONUS, Turkey has no issue with wildcamping and their tourism department even recommends it as a good way to experience the country refreshing 😮
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Hi and welcome along to the group. UK wild camping is no problem, just needs a little more thought and planning than it used to do.


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More than welcome over here in Ireland north and south, co Antrim/ donegal best for wilding, never been in a campsite as yet.
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