More expense (OR Mohos early Xmas present)


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After getting back from last weekends trip to the Llyn,
Parked the van back up and plugger the 7 stage 20 amp smart charger up to look after the batteries (I'd already FINALLY wired the battery to battery bit in on the Ring Rscdc30 unit and it made a massive difference to the charging speed of the 3 x 100 ah AGM batteries over the Swift supplied relay)

12 hours later the charging looked a tad suspect with lots of volts but not much in the way of Amps.....

Anyway looks like the Noco 20 amp 7 stage unit has given up the ghost...

Quick call to Mr Bezos and a shiny new Victron ip22 30 amp 3 output charger turned up.... (gives me option to have starter battery on charge too.... For those occasions we don't shift for a bit)

Usual Victron drama with Bluetooth connections...
BUT firmware updated and batteries charging happily now...

Eberspacher to fit next ready for winter/Xmas trip.....



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30amp charger for 3 100ah bats, then a 5/10 for the starter, could have used two chargers if stuck, numax do a 30amp split charger but not one on ebay as iv just looked.
Some auto smart chargers wont switch of if trying to charge more than 10% of total, good you got sorted. (y)