Let us get the facts straight and dispel the fake news

Philip Tomlinson

Let us get the facts straight and dispel the fake news.

There is a group of people on the forum who would like you to believe that since I started to enforce the rules on 1st October the following has happened:

  1. Many long-standing members have left
  2. There are fewer posts/threads on the forum
  3. There is less user interaction
  4. Fewer users are logging in
  5. Most of the members are unhappy with the new level of moderation

So let me address those points one at a time.

Many long-standing members have left [FALSE]

I checked the statistics today and of our top 150 posters 126 have used the forum in the last 30 days

There are fewer posts/threads on the forum [FALSE]

The forum statistics show that rather than decreasing as they normally do at this time of year posts are over 200% and threads are over 160% of what they were last October/ November (pre-pandemic).

There is less user interaction [FALSE]

User interaction with the forum is over 300% of the normal for October.

Fewer users are logging in [FALSE]

The average amount of daily users doubled in October from September and that trend has continued in November when it should be failing.

Most of the members are unhappy with the new level of moderation [FALSE]

The feedback from members that I am receiving is that they are really happy with the new control over members breaking the rules. I acknowledge that there are about twenty members who are upset that I am now enforcing our rules.

So now let us talk about the facts

Many members left because they felt that I was letting a small group of members spoil this wild camping community. By allowing members to use this motorhome forum as a place to rant about tabloid-style propaganda or to push their political beliefs. So it is no surprise that now that this low-quality facebook style content has been quashed the members who want to discuss wild camping in motorhomes are returning.

I noticed that a member posted about the definition of what a forum is, my response to that is...

A shop is a place where you buy things but you would not go into a fish & chip shop and ask to buy a pair of slippers. So why would you expect the wild camping for motorhomes forum to accept political/Brexit/coronavirus posts?


If you are one of those members who feel that my moderation of their political/Brexit/coronavirus posts is ruining the niche wild camping for motorhomes community, then sorry you are wrong. You may be having your fun ruined but the other members come here because they want to discuss motorhomes and wild camping.
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Philip Tomlinson

Just to add...

I know that some members get annoyed when I delete their posts that do not break the rules when they are in a thread that does break the rules. This is unfortunate but the best advice I can give you is not to post in threads that break the rules as they will be deleted once I have time to do so, just because a thread has managed to avoid moderation does not mean I have accepted it, it most likely means I am busy doing other things and have not seen it yet.

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