December POI release

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POI Administrator
The December POI release is available for download ... Now we are into the quieter time of year the next release will be at the beginning of February. IMPORTANT Please note that support for Navigon, Navman and Sygic devices has been discontinued. Autoroute support has also been discontinued. The ZIP download now contains POI files for Garmin, Google Earth and TomTom only. ********** Toilet POIs There are just over 6,000 UK toilet locations included. Please note that this information is sourced from and is not maintained by Wild Camping. Consequently bear in mind that any inaccuracies are not our responsibility. Nonetheless it is potentially very useful in finding additional places to fill with water, or to dispose of your toilet cassette contents - with care, consideration and cleanliness of course! ********** Streetview images ... Please remember that these images may not always reflect what you will find at a POI location - the image may be several years old. In a...
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