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Hi all.
Having had a lengthy discussion with my wife and son I have decided to sell one of our camper vans. The Trophy seems the obvious choice, as the Multivan I own looks quite shabby now and needs quite a bit of TLC. I have also owned it the longest and have, I admit, developed a bit of a soft spot for it due to its usefulness. I can get the rear bed and seats out in five minutes and use it as a van, or it can be used as a very roomy camper van. It has been ‘stealth’ camping more times than I can remember.
Anyway, I’m now retired (since 2014) and not exactly in the best of health which obviously means our camping trips are becoming fewer. I bought the Trophy in 2015 and really haven’t used it as much as I’d hoped, which I suppose is another reason for the decision to sell it. Incidentally, this decision was only made a few days ago and I really thought that it would be kept for years more. Especially since I spent around three thousand pounds on it in the last few months. This was to have a replacement engine fitted and a total overhaul of all the running gear, suspension, brakes, steering etc plus other stuff too. It has been stored under cover in my back garden for almost four years due to not only the initial engine fault but the Kung Flu pandemic as well. Anyway I’ll share some of the info on this van and see if anyone may be interested in owning it.
As stated, it is the Auto Sleeper Trophy which is built onto a Volkswagen T4 SWB with the AAB 2.4 Diesel engine fitted. It has covered 113065 miles, which is purely academic because the engine is from 2007 (as confirmed by Vege) and has done less than 40000 when we worked it out and the tyres and wheels have done around 3000 miles. The rest of the running gear - brake discs, brake pads, all four brake slave cylinders, brake pipes and flexi pipes, shock absorbers, wishbone bushes, ball joints and all rubbers have all been replaced in the last few months. I changed from the steel wheels to a set of 16” modern alloy wheels with four matching Michelin Agilis tyres (cost about £120 each) in 2015 so really these wheels and tyres are like new.
Before the replacement engine was fitted the cylinder head was removed in order to clean some debris accumulated in the cylinders due to laying up, a set of head bolts and a new head gasket were fitted. I have some photographic evidence of this. A new alternator, starter motor and new filters were fitted along with oil and the proper coolant. All in all no expense has been spared in getting this van properly alive again. You can see where the three grand was spent. Factor in the cost of having all this work done as well.
In 2015 I had the rather dated Auto Sleeper livery removed and resprayed with the correct Volkswagen coded paint. All this being said, this van is not perfect and may well need some cosmetic work and indeed some panel work done in the future years of ownership. I had left the addition of some modern decals due to waiting to find some the Mrs and I both agreed on. The next owner can now choose to either leave it decal free, or get some vinyl colouring according to taste. I did however have the Auto Sleeper vinyl badges applied where appropriate and to be fair, I think it all looks fine the way it is.
Now then, I’m not very good at getting photographs on websites but I’ll try my best. I will answer any questions anyone should ask and I can pm a phone number should anyone wish to have a chat about this van. By the way it has a recent council tested MOT and I am taking it for a good old run out somewhere sometime this week Just to check that it’s all tickety boo. Stay safe everyone.

Sorry, forgot to add that I expect to get around £16500 for this van. There is one right now on EBay for £18000.


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