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  1. Cummings

    Signed it

    Great news Gordon, bet thats a relief
  3. I've been making again...

    It was supposed to be a bolognaise, its surprising how far the sauce can splash when stirred vigorously. In fairness it did taste good. Gordon Ramsay never gets made to clean up after cooking.
  4. I've been making again...

    I Just been making a mess in the kitchen, so I get told never to cook again
  5. Can you spot the phone

    It’s in the other room
  6. I thought one foot had to remain grounded?

    Well I couldn’t see them
  7. Small motorbike

    just once
  8. Wild camping positive thread photos needed

    So that was you that I spotted up there!
  9. Shall I grow my hair in the lockdown?

    Definitely NO
  10. Should Jenrick be sacked

    Absolutely, getting a bit fed up of doing what they tell me, then these people do what they want.
  11. Friend or Foe..

    Try it and let us know
  12. Something to lift your spirits !

    Peat and diesel on BBC tonight at 11:00
  13. This is crazy (work)

    Should have said use somebody else’s water bottle
  14. Something to lift your spirits !

    Watched them on telly yesterday, brilliant
  15. How many mistresses

    You forgot to say whose head the bucket is for!
  16. How many mistresses

    Personally I counted 5. 😉
  17. Naughty Girl !

    What I am thinking is would she have kept going there every weekend, if she hadn’t been caught out?
  18. From the north! For Ral, harrow & all other 'southerners' :)

    Well ah kent whithe said
  19. your gonna hate me for this

    I hate Arti jokes
  20. bored, guys ?

    Didn’t have a beer bottle, so tried it with a beer can. you would think that they would finish off the edges a bit better!!🥴