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  1. Allen

    The gaffers birthday

    Just noticed its Phil's birthday. Happy Birthday.
  2. Allen


    Feeling happy, emotional and thankful. Especially thankful. Got the phone call at 1 pm yesterday, and by six pm was off to theatre for a much needed kidney transplant. All went well and I now have a new fully functional young kidney thanks to the generosity of the donars family. Thank you.
  3. Allen

    South Wales valleys...recommendations.

    Having just purchased my first (new to me) motorhome/camper I'm looking for someone fit a solar panel to the roof, plus a door security device. Something like this.... Somewhere in the valleys....Merthyr Tydfil , Newport area. Any recommendations?
  4. Allen

    Hello from a newbie

    Hi, I joined the site a few days ago. It's time to ditch the caravan and so I'm currently looking for my first campervan. Was looking at the meets forum yesterday, but for some reason the whole forum has disappeared? Tried to look at my profile and got the message "this user has not registered...