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  1. Greenid

    Granada stopover.

    Hi Groyne. Stating the obvious but may give you some options. I've used it with great succes and confidence over the years. Cheers Greenid
  2. Greenid

    Transit based motorhomes being stolen.

    Transit Roller Team Autoroller 200 2012 Reg Stolen from drive Hi all Yes, the sickening feeling of waking up and discovering that your van has gone - taken in the early hours of this morning. All keys in the locked house - no sign of damage. Immobiliser, crook locked. Looks like a professional...
  3. Greenid

    HOBBY Rooflight (not opening window) blown off!

    Hobby Window Recall | MotorhomeFun | The Best Motorhome Club in the World (probably)
  4. Greenid

    HOBBY Rooflight (not opening window) blown off!

    re That was a big bang Hi Barcud This sort of thing happened to our Trigano Rollerteam - rear upper fascia came off at speed and I contacted the manufacturers directly to explain the accident. They then sent out a replacement. Because I was out of warranty (I argued to no avail) they wouldn't...
  5. Greenid

    For sale - Britain's First Motorhome

    Top Van It's brilliant.... Know what the good captain called it? - Dunn Roamin....(it's Ok i've already put my coat on)
  6. Greenid

    Odd music cover versions

    Bohemian Rapsody in Lobster karaoke caper Well here's a bunch of fake sealife doing Queen on a Volvo....for goodness sake. Art car with singing fish and lobster - YouTube
  7. Greenid

    Gubbins to charge van battery

    Split charger SPLIT CHARGE EASY FIT LEISURE TO ENGINE BATTERY CAMPER MOTORHOME BOAT 12V SOLAR | eBay This will do it. It is an easy splice into the existing wiring. I had the same problem of a continually discharging starter battery if I didn't run for a while. On my van the leisure battery is...
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    Pattern Imprinted Concrete We had our drive done with this system. 5 inches deep with a compacted sub base. 3.5 tons of van plus two cars and it's fine so far. It can be levelled to allow rainwater run off to a soak-away. Lots of colours and designs. Very cost effective compared to block...
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    Edina's Chat Room

  10. Greenid

    Edina's Chat Room

    This is all very well but what about Pandas being endangered...... Funniest Panda Videos EVER - YouTube I shut my case.
  11. Greenid

    tv aerial

    This works well for us DTV-1000 DIGI PRO SWITCHING 24-12V DIGITAL TV ANTENNA | eBay Sticks to the inside or outside of the window.
  12. Greenid

    Camping and Caravanning Club FREE pitches over Easter

    Do you know what..... .......I've changed my mind. I'm going to join the dark side. (But I'm going to haggle)
  13. Greenid

    Camping and Caravanning Club FREE pitches over Easter

    Just about to book a pitch Almost put a request in to the robbing so and sos
  14. Greenid

    Camping and Caravanning Club FREE pitches over Easter

    Widen the goal posts This must be an April 1st Joke.
  15. Greenid

    what do you do with your table during travel ?

    Table stowage solution Wardrobe, twist clip and bracket dodahs (2 berth transit Rollerteam). The table has folding legs and is not fixed to the floor when in use. It is cumbersome, heavy and could quite easily stop a shell in a siege situation. We are replacing it with a lighter plastic camping...
  16. Greenid

    Extreme Tugging

    This has been around since 2003 but always makes me laugh. I particularly like the subtle demisting of the lens. Cheers Greenid
  17. Greenid

    Dead Van

    It'll be alright This is most inconvenient. However It'll most likely be the flat battery which, if you can charge it, should be fine. If you jump it, have a run for 20 mins and you'll be back up. In the cold weather, any drain (e.g. alarm and central locking) will exacerbate the situation. If...
  18. Greenid

    Van insurance and European Cover

    Can of worms Hi forager It might be easier in the long run to re-register your van DIY Camper Van Insurance - vehicle reclassification and then approach someone like Caravan Insurance | Online Caravan Insurance Quote | Safeguard UK - they have a friendly service and will do their best to...
  19. Greenid

    Alternative to expensive toilet chenicals

    Almat Gel The Bio version of this works well
  20. Greenid

    Low gas pressure

    Agree with all above Propane is the way forward. Butane performs badly in cold weather but it all points to a blocked reg - so you'll have to replace it. You'll need to have a bulk-head installation - this'll do it...