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  1. Allen

    Yorkshire prose

    A bloke once asked mi w'ere am from E just dint av a clue Dint understand lingo It's not as though it's new It's Yorkshire I'm Yorkshire born and bred It's where 'north starts What else cud I av sed It's Gods own country That's very true If tha don't like it Tha knows what tha can do Its...
  2. Allen

    Organ transplant ...rules change today England only

    Well done England...finally. Let's hope it has the desired effect once this coronavirus is under control and things return to normal.
  3. Allen

    What possible problem might an overnight stop cause because of Covid19,

    Posted by a front line worker on Facebook.... What an absolute kick in the guts to every NHS frontline and UK key worker! Not only are the beaches and parks packed today, and neighbours having parties, but they are filled with some people receiving furlough payments. So us frontline mugs will...
  4. Allen


    You said, and I quote " lockdown is killing us". What don't you understand about stay at home. You're prepared to " chance it " ... Is that prepared to chance getting it...or giving it others who may die? I despair at times.
  5. Allen

    13.2 v and no drop .🤣

    Regarding starter battery I've read conflicting opinions. One being that starting the engine would need a forty mile drive just to replace the energy used...... The latest from Green Flag saying start the engine once a week and leave running for twenty minutes and all will be fine. I left mine...
  6. Allen

    Is it worth renewing CAMC membership

    I've just paid mine. There will come the day when we need these clubs again. If we don't support them they may not exist in the future. They still have overheads to pay. I just think it's short sighted not to.
  7. Allen

    Morrisons delivery.

    I'd let her go....she's obviously confident she'll still be here in 100 years if the shop is 50 years from home.. But seriously, I hope she keeps safe.
  8. Allen

    Morrisons delivery.

    It's difficult times. Nothing like this has happened since the war years. All the supermarkets are struggling to keep up with the idiots bulk buying. P.S. can't beat Yorkshire tea.
  9. Allen

    NHS Shielding Text messages

    It's a bit hit and miss depending on where you live, so I gather. I received the letter telling me to self isolate for 12 weeks. I then got a phone call from the council saying I had been identified as in the vulnerable group. (Unsure who notified them...Doctor or hospital). They registered me...
  10. Allen


    Not a good idea... I did that many years ago when I got a job with a company car. Stored my own car off road and cancelled the insurance..... It got nicked! Motorhomes and campervans ain't cheap to replace.
  11. Allen

    [ENDED] Easter Egg Hunt - Win vouchers!

    12 found out of 19 Do we (out of interest) get to know where the missing 7 were? It passed a couple of hours to relieve the boredom of lockdown. Well done to the winners.
  12. Allen

    Lockdown Blues?

    Wonder if they'll deliver with my online shop.
  13. Allen

    Can we have a Corona Party?

    I sincerely hope it happens and we all get through this safely.
  14. Allen

    Coronavirus political and media

    Should have been sacked. None of this resigned malarkey!
  15. Allen

    What are you doing to help

    It's not just kids though. Three workmen appeared in my neighbours garden this morning and started building what is possibly a summer house/large hut. They came in two flat back trucks. Commenced work ignoring social distancing, then all jumped in one truck and left. Returned later with timber...
  16. Allen

    Using the Motorhome as transport

    Having read some (not all) of this thread....Well said sir.
  17. Allen

    Club memberships

    I'm a member of both clubs. Caravan and motorhome club, and camping and caravan club. (For those wondering what we are on about ) I'll pay my membership as usual...oh yeah, I've already paid. Just received my 25 year membership badge from the former. The dilemma is...does it go on the...
  18. Allen

    vulnerable folk letter- anybody got theirs yet ?

    I got mine this morning.
  19. Allen

    Mot tests

    Thanks for that.
  20. Allen

    Using the Motorhome as transport

    My camper is my only vehicle and do wonder how folks manage if they need to drive to reach quiet places for exercise. Fortunately not a problem for me living at the top of a remote village in Wales. Two minutes from home I'm in the countryside. The van hasn't moved all week.