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  1. Cleaning van seats

    Bought a second hand van with very dirty seats. What's your recommended method of cleaning a car seat?
  2. How to find a head rest

    We have bought an old citroen relay and the last owner has taken out the double passenger seats and replaced it with a single seat of unknown origin. This single passenger seat has no head rest/support just the holes where one used to fit. Trouble is when I search for one they come according...
  3. Votey mcvoteface

    Thought this might be useful to someone.
  4. self build motorhome????

    Is this a separate forum???? How does this work? Do the threads come up on here or do I need to log onto this to see the threads???
  5. One week in Scotland - help needed

    Hi We have one weeks holiday in October and we would like to go to Scotland. Anyone suggest a route or an area that they they would choose given the time restraints. We were thinking of going to the west coast but can be persuaded otherwise. We would like to see the natural beauty rather...
  6. Laptop fire

    Hi Just wanted to share this experience as it made me think about what would happen if I had been in my van. At the weekend I was working on my laptop when it made a puft noise and burst into flames pumping out unbelievable amounts of smoke. The wooden table it was on was also burnt...
  7. Advice on must see things/places in Bergen

    Anyone been to Bergen and have recommendations for must see or do things in Bergen. We just have 2 1/2 days so we need to stay in and around the city.
  8. Instant Porridge recipe

    I have spent the evening making bowls of porridge. We have used the little pots that you just add water to but I don't like the plastic waste so have been trying to replicate the mixture we can make in a bowl or mug. This is the mix that we liked best: For each serving 40g Oats - I used the...
  9. 17 year old transit MOT

    :dance: Our 17 year old transit passed its MOT with no work and no advisories. In my experience people are all doom and gloom about Transits but ours has been flippin' brilliant. so if you are thinking of getting a transit don't let the doom sayers put you off.
  10. Plug problem

    Hello Wise people and everyone else. I have a plug problem of my own stupid making put a hot saucepan in the sink and melted the edge of the plug for my Can sink and now it leaks water! I can buy the waste hole thing and plug together but wondered if anyone knows where I can get just the plug...
  11. Stand by your fridge!

    My son is looking for a small fridge. I said that they are nothing but trouble! However I looked on here to see what others recommended but all I could find was people asking for help with fridges not working which confirmed my view. Will anyone stand by their fridge and cross their heart and...
  12. Recipe ideas?

    My son bought me an Omnia oven and I used it a few times when I first got it but I need some new ideas of things that work. Quiche
  13. Wild Camp a Month 2019 Challenge

    Welcome to the Wild Camp a Month 2019 challenge. This carries on directly from the Wild Camp a Month 2018 Challenge. Guidelines Head out for a wild camp at least once per calendar month. A camp out on the 31st of the month into the 1st of the next month, is just 1 night and it's only counted...
  14. Help / knowledge

    my daughter and son in law are looking at campers and motorhomes. They need a four birth with four seat belted seats and three beds (not two kids in a double bed!). It has to be automatic and no longer than 6 meters. Does it exist? Can anyone help?
  15. Omnia

    Had a few people raving to me about this cooker. Anyone else had any experience of it? My son has just got back from three weeks sailing and reckons it's a must have item. Home |
  16. Maps

    Got fed up with getting all the maps out so stuck our favourite bit of coast,Hampshire,Dorset and Devon, on the wall.
  17. Will I won't I fit?

  18. A little cheery upholstery

    The pale green material that came with the van didn't fare well with dog, walking boots, grandchildren.... I decided to put some material to use that my niece brought me back from Tanzania.
  19. Where is your favourite place in France?

    Hoping this summer to leave the shores of Britain for the first time in the van. I have already had some excellent advice but some comments made me realise how much experience there is between all you folks out there. So I was wondering where your favourite place is in France and why?
  20. France on a budget

    Anyone know how much they spend in France - per day or per week - on average. So aires, food, diesel (I know this depends) just want to get a realistic budget before planning it. I know lots of you have been doing this for many years but I have yet to leave England and don't want to plan...