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  1. mossypossy

    The Belgians are coming!

    Driving away from the tunnel today, our side, we could not help but notice loads of Belgian cars and vans heading north. Reason?? Annual waffle convention?
  2. mossypossy

    Motorhome Usage Stats

    As requested. Simple calculation. How many days have you had a motorhome? How many nights have you spent aboard? Simple percentage. Purchased Jan. 2015 we have had 231 nights aboard. Out of a possible 1690 days. Not a massive percentage, but not too shabby. 13.6% What are your stats??
  3. mossypossy

    Brexit Roulette

    Just booked a return tunnel crossing. Coming back on October 31. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. mossypossy

    Thetford Non Flush

    Older model, C2. Lifted toilet roll holder insert to look for pump. Is there meant to be loads of pink fluid in this area? Like it is the reservoir. Surely not?
  5. mossypossy

    I have seen the future

    If Gerry Anderson made motorhomes,....
  6. mossypossy

    Mild Camping

    Whilst not averse to spending the odd night on a blowy Norwegian mountain with crazy whooshbang Germans for company, nor the occasional forray into the night time realm of car park doughnut boys, I feel most at ease paying a farmer £12 to use his comprehensive motorhome facilities in a peaceful...
  7. mossypossy

    View from a toilet thread

    Rules. Must be taken from the throne.
  8. mossypossy

    Ducato headlight bulb

    Got a spare. How does the connector plug undo? Squeeze and pull or pry and pull?
  9. mossypossy

    Get a can of compressed air

    Dometic 3 way fridge not cooling on gas? Blast the burner and orifice with compressed air. Works a treat. Probably best to do it every couple of weeks. Now my fridge is down to 2 degrees at 3 o' clock setting. Yesterday it would not cool at all.
  10. mossypossy

    Think we need a new section

    RANTS Then folks can be as incensed as they like as they direct their vitriol to their pet hate of the day. The rest of us then then by-pass these posts. I hope not to be hoisted by my own petard with this post.
  11. mossypossy

    Weigh Bridge

    Just took the twin rear axle Hobby 750 over DVSA weighbridge. Instructions were to drive slowly over plate and read the numbers. Front axle. 1710kg Rear axle. 1220kg With the load spread over two axles on the rear the reading seems a tad low. Total weight 2930kg Vehicle is rated to 4500kg...
  12. mossypossy

    Big Scandi Adventure 2019

    Leaving at the end of this month (April). Returning last week of July. 13/14 weeks out (depending on the political situation!) Rough plan. France. Belgium. Netherlands. Germany. Denmark. Sweden. Norway. Finland. Estonia. Latvia. Lithuania. Poland. Germany. France. No schedule, just a very...
  13. mossypossy


    Free electric Free water Classy town Supermarket five minute walk Quiet Safe Roll up, roll up Google Maps
  14. mossypossy

    Saw a motorhome on Madeira!

    Having enough difficulty driving my hire car Renault Clio! Saw a tiddler motorhome and took a pic. Will upload when I return home.
  15. mossypossy

    FREE LG 42 inch LCD tv

    FREE tv Weighs a ton (37kg) Age about 12 years old. Works fine for a second or third tv Collect from Steyning, West Sussex With remote and power lead and manual Model 42LC2D LG 42LC2D Overview - CNET
  16. mossypossy

    Cornish Atlantic Highway

    AKA the A39 Anyone done the coast hugging route? The Atlantic Highway Looks a good bet for a 10 or 12 day jaunt.
  17. mossypossy

    Water pump age

    I have a leaky pipe to my 19 year old Sureflo water pump. Decided to replace with a new one. Over cautious or just plain sensible? Only £55 with a new filter.
  18. mossypossy

    Motorhome TV voltage question

    Simple question for someone who knows about electrics I have an Avtex tv rated 4 amps When on standby the power supply (read from a voltmeter attached to the cable) is 12v When turned on voltage in cable drops to 9.5v. TV fault or battery supply/wiring issue? This drop is enough to cause...
  19. mossypossy

    Two 130Ah Leisure batteries

    12v 130Ah Xplorer Leisure Battery - Alpha Batteries Bought about 12 months ago My system cannot cope with three batteries so two have to go £100 the pair Collect from West Sussex
  20. mossypossy

    Tyre Pressure Monitors £16.95 delivered

    Bargain!! I ordered 3 sets and were delivered next day Dunlop Tyre Pressure Monitors, 694198712796