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  1. n brown

    a stimulating walk

    a nice stroll round Bristol. parked up in the harbour, boats getting the festive spirit ,looking good . met up with 2 daughters and g/son ,girls still affected by the birthday prosecco at the boy's fourth party . i accidentally hit a young lady while pushing the pushchair , a glancing blow...
  2. n brown

    a christmas tip for van dwellers

    i didn't have the brass
  3. n brown

    a christmas tip for van dwellers

    xmas pudding is fine heated up in a frying pan a nice prostitute told me this one festive season
  4. n brown

    more olletion

  5. n brown

    Public petception

    dogs are lazy creatures , and left to their own devices will snack and kip most of a day. and why not ? somebody bigger is providing shelter , food , warmth and protection , brilliant ! when in Portugal , at one time we had 2 dogs , which we never walked. they lived mostly outside under the van...
  6. n brown

    santa ?

    the joke is that he still believes in santa even though he's old enough to drive
  7. n brown

    Multimeters and how to use them

    nope , you lost me at ''knob'' as in ''this one's not working ,Runbacken and get a modern digital one ''
  8. n brown

    A classical music thread

    this is soooo relaxing, turn on the sound
  9. n brown

    santa ?

    ta lads , wasn't sure if anyone would catch that !
  10. n brown

    Multimeters and how to use them

    multimeters are far too busy looking for the uninitiated, all most people want is a continuity tester , and 12v and 240v tester.somebody should bring out a simplified version. [not me ,can't be arsed]
  11. n brown

    santa ?

    when my parents told me that Santa didn't exist , i was so upset i jumped in my car and just drove and drove
  12. n brown

    self driving cars

  13. n brown

    What was Thought provoking or ‘Moved’ you today ?.

    i was fortunate enough to do all my travelling while young enough for us and the kids to enjoy it. never travelled much in the UK, people aren't happy having others around with different outlooks -there was no live and let live .cops were often called within minutes of turning off the engine. we...
  14. n brown

    love everyone

  15. n brown

    A classical music thread

    for train lovers
  16. n brown

    bad jokes

    hi , can you tell me the best way back to town ? are you walking or driving ? driving yep , that'll be the best way alright 2 guys sitting on the verandah at a nudist camp have you read Marx ? says one yes i have me too , i reckon it's these bloody wicker chairs
  17. n brown

    Secret Santa wrapping paper and other ideas
  18. n brown

    A classical music thread

    this and 'Recuerdos de la Alhambra'
  19. n brown

    Ring eye bolt

    this selection might be of use too
  20. n brown

    Ring eye bolt

    so many square bolts out there