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  1. Asterix

    self driving cars

    I can't wait for the day I can kick back and let a machine do all the work
  2. Asterix

    Public petception

    I stayed overnight in Culbin forest a couple of days ago,there were only 3 cars there in the morning and I spent nearly 3 hours walking with the dog in the morning and didn't see a single person,you must've just been unlucky. I regularly meet people that don't let their dogs off the...
  3. Asterix

    Elderly tenant dog poo issue

    Something as simple as a motion detecting security light might be all that's needed,assuming it is happening under the cover of darkness.
  4. Asterix

    How long before meat=cigarettes?

    If meat gets taken off the menu I'm going to start eating vegans! Not only will it reduce the population but I'll get my meat and 5 a day in one go.
  5. Asterix

    Children and animals

    Not sure but it said PETroleum on the tin.
  6. Asterix

    Children and animals

    As a 3 year old I decided to wash the dog with the can of petrol my parents had thoughtfully left lying around,he legged it out the gate yelping in pain,shot across the main highway and into the lake. Don't put petrol on the dog!
  7. Asterix

    Wonder how DVLA would cope with these

    Yes, compensation is paid in those sort of situations.
  8. Asterix

    Wonder how DVLA would cope with these

    like most countries they generally get buried. The gov pays for health care and you get 80% of your wages paid while off work,we gave up the right to sue for personal injury and all employers pay into the scheme to help fund it.
  9. Asterix

    Wonder how DVLA would cope with these

    Because insurance isn't a requirement you can pretty much do what you like with a vehicle in NZ,as long as it passes a WOF (MOT).
  10. Asterix

    My New Addiction

    (also posted on Motorhomer) Having had issues with my previous electrical set up I spoke to Wildebus about my requirements,he advised turning my 12v system into a 24v system. I'm generally a complete imbecile when it comes to electrics but he explained it all in terms a ten year old could...
  11. Asterix

    Do you keep all your blinds closed

    Only if I'm having a w***. WASH! You dirty minded people😉
  12. Asterix

    Hello and extinguishers

    Most have them on the top and just show a red and green background,as long as the needle is in the green it should be fine. I suspect that extinguishers in motorhomes last better than ones in properties as they get a regular shake up of the contents.
  13. Asterix

    Hello and extinguishers

    I've not looked at the date on mine but the little guage is in the green on both of them and that's good enough for me.
  14. Asterix

    About Time.

    I'll await my mention in the Queen's honours list.
  15. Asterix

    About Time.

    I've come across travellers in the local parks and open spaces around Poole while out with the dog,it's clear they have caused criminal damage,cutting locks,removing bollards,ripping up the grass and depositing rubbish. I just don't understand why the current laws can't be enforced and why these...
  16. Asterix

    an illusion

    After coming back to look several times since this was posted I can finally see them...although just to be a bit pedantic,the circles do appear to have 4 flat sides,which disqualifies them from being true circles in my pedantic opinion.
  17. Asterix

    Prince Andrew interview.

    Unless charges are brought it's a bit of a non story,and the chances of charges being brought against someone in the elite are at best remote.
  18. Asterix

    Weekly Full member Raffle Winner

    Thanks all,very unlike me to win something!
  19. Asterix

    Drone drone drone

    I wonder what height property ownership extends to?
  20. Asterix


    He's pretty much bullet proof,the only thing hurting was his pride by the look on his face.😄