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  1. Asterix

    My New Addiction

    (also posted on Motorhomer) Having had issues with my previous electrical set up I spoke to Wildebus about my requirements,he advised turning my 12v system into a 24v system. I'm generally a complete imbecile when it comes to electrics but he explained it all in terms a ten year old could...
  2. Asterix


    I've been working on my truck all day getting it ready for the road,I had to jack the cab up to fit some seal around the gearshift hole. Did my usual,checked in the cab to make sure everything was secure and it was in neutral,closed the door and proceeded to jack it up,at about the halfway point...
  3. Asterix

    Amazing Talent

    LADbible: Judges Shocked As Contestant 'Eats' Sausages With Bum On German Talent Show.
  4. Asterix

    Unique Dog

    I spotted an albino Dalmatian in the park yesterday. The owner was really grateful.
  5. Asterix

    For Sale

    DeLorean for sale,excellent condition,low miles,only driven from time to time.
  6. Asterix

    Parking Ticket

    Last week I was sent out in a company van to do a small job at a local hotel,this week our office received a parking fine for it,can't say I noticed any signs or cameras when I drove in. The notice states that I was parked for 31 minutes,exceeding the 30 minute a minute! The boss is...
  7. Asterix

    Motorhome Rack For Sale

    Hi all,brand new motorbike rack for sale, originally it was £475,I brought it with discount for £425,now selling for £350,never been mounted or used but does have a few small scratches on paintwork where it's been stored and moved about. Pick up only in Poole or by arrangement with pony...
  8. Asterix

    How Do You Know If You're Old?

    Deliberately fall down in front of a large group of people,if they rush over to help,you're old. If they laugh,you're clearly still a youngster.
  9. Asterix

    Great news!!

    I got my IQ test result back today,it was negative.
  10. Asterix

    New Tyre

    I've just been given a brand new tyre for my truck,I checked the date on it and my brand new tyre is actually 9 years old but in new condition. I recall back in the 70s or 80s being told that rubber improves with age, providing it's not exposed to light,but now the advice seems to be a ten year...
  11. Asterix


    built-in G-sensor,can record the gravity sensing information and on the basis of the car up and down,left and right,front and rear offset to determine when reaches a certain value as the abnormal of driving and automatic lock on the current video protection. Can anyone guess from that part of...
  12. Asterix


    Got woken up at 2am this morning with the carbon monoxide alarm going off,no idea why but I got up and opened a window and the door for a few minutes,then I went back to bed and back to sleep,then it immediately went off again! I dont know what's going on with it as here was nothing running and...
  13. Asterix

    Inconsiderate Parking

    I pulled into a long layby late afternoon yesterday,I was the only one there so I parked at the first spot near the entrance,shortly after a mh pulled in about 2 lengths in front of me,took the dog out later and noticed two more had turned up and spaced themselves along the rest of the layby...
  14. Asterix

    Is It A Bag? Is It A Dog?

    I don't know what it is,but that dog looks hilarious:dog::lol-049: 'That's not a bag': man with dog bends New York subway rule and gets denied | US news | The Guardian
  15. Asterix

    The Bearpit

    I came across this lot last week on my quest to find a loo,didn't really know what it was all about but a couple of their dogs wandered over to meet mine,one of the guys had a broom out sweeping the public walkway,another was giving me directions and it all seemed like one big party. Good on...
  16. Asterix

    Insurance Premiums

    Going down apparently,anyone noticed? I like the idea that Saga will be offering 3 year contracts,save the yearly comparison rigmarole. Car insurance premiums fall in advance of whiplash payout reforms | Money | The Guardian
  17. Asterix

    Electric Motorhome

    Looks like early days but with a bit more infrastructure looks doable... Taking the electric road | Otago Daily Times Online News
  18. Asterix

    Pot Hole Problem....Solved!

    Anyone got some old lawnmowers lying about? YouTube
  19. Asterix

    Time To Put In My Order

    I'll pay for it in my next lifetime...and the one after that! Thor drops diesel generator for lithium and solar power on its flagship expanding motorhome
  20. Asterix

    Bifacial Solar

    After months of staring at different solar panels I've tentatively decided to get a couple of these,before I place my order I thought I'd throw them in the ring and see what others think. There's such a massive variety out there to choose from but my main criteria has been to get maximum...