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  1. camper van for sale only £10!

    Inspire your little loved ones Playmobil campervan 4858 with box and instructions | eBay
  2. 1998 Burstner Elegance for sale

    Please check out our ebay ad. Burstner Elegance I572 4 berth A class motorhome (similar to Hymer B544 & B564) | eBay A reluctant sale but looking for something with bunk beds now the kids are bigger.
  3. When will you ever grow up?

    I went to see The Specials the other night and after a few pints of dancing juice my mate and I decided to relive our youth and join in the mosh pit. We weren't the only silly old buggers in there but suffice to say it didn't end well, I sprained my knee and my mate broke his foot. Despite this...
  4. Moon power

    Just curious, rather than any practical benefit, but while out in the garden the other night I noticed how bright the moon was so wondered if any one had observed any current generated from their solar panel from moonlight?
  5. First post to say Hi and Thanks

    Been lurking for a while and picked up loads of hints and tips, thanks. Just back from nearly a month touring south/west wales split 50/50 between "wild" sites from the POIs and camp sites. We stayed at some fantastic locations e.g. Freshwater west (see photo) so a big thanks to admin for...