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  1. andyjanet

    Crazy world cambridge guided bus

    Do this morning out for a countryside walk along the guided bus route from Histon towards Huntingdon And get this !! They stop the guided buses to let cars have priority on the road junctions along its route not only that but they also have crossing points for horses and riders where the rider...
  2. andyjanet

    Route tracker

    Hi all Does anyone know a route tracker that actually works, We have had several on our apple phones some you have to regularly pin where you are so it knows your route others you have to take photos and that shows up on your route and another one when we travelled along the dumfries coast it...
  3. andyjanet

    Change of plans again 🤪

    Well daughter and boyfriend Joseph from Ghana came to visit us in the van today and he asked for her hand in marriage and there’s an engagement ceremony that I have to attend in June/July Where he has to present me with a present and some cold hard cash for my daughters hand so our year long...
  4. andyjanet

    Happy birthday carol

    Hope you have a great day 🎂🍷
  5. andyjanet

    Where are you? (Fancy a coffee)

    Today we are near Lincoln and often wonder if there’s a motorhomer just round the corner who fancy’s a chat and a coffee shout out if you want to meet up
  6. andyjanet

    On holiday in Ayr

  7. andyjanet

    Where can I get a new one please

  8. andyjanet

    Help parking Nottingham Please

    Hi, My son is graduating from Nottingham university this July, I need parking for overnight on the 23rd July and most of the daytime 24th, we are interested in motorhome parking nr to Beeston Lane A52 Derby road, Do you know of a campsite, drive way, on road parking for a large motorhome in...
  9. andyjanet

    Happy birthday mrs Roamin rog

    Happy birthday Chris, hope you have breakfast in bed then spend the rest of the day being pampered and preened, best wishes andy & Janet
  10. andyjanet

    Ribblehead Easter weekend

    Hi all, janet and I are at Ribblehead for Easter Weekend, if you fancy a coffee and a chat or a beer in the pub come along and introduce yourself, big Concorde parked near the pub
  11. andyjanet

    Ribblehead Easter Weekend

    Hi All, janet and I are at ribblehead for Easter weekend, big Concorde parked somewhere near the pub if you fancy a coffee and a chat or a pint in the pub just come along and introduce yourselves
  12. andyjanet

    Happy birthday Shari

    Happy Birthday Shari hope you have a great day
  13. andyjanet

    Knob end

    Had janet in stitches this morning, told her I was going to give her the knob end! The small crusty bit off an uncut loaf! Ok you lot what do you call it?
  14. andyjanet

    Water filter system

    Whilst fulltiming our main problem is getting enough clean water for washing drinking etc The new truck will have a water purification system fitted but I am going to make a system for use so we only carry clean water I have purchased a 24v pump/ a in-line large particle filter/ a large carbon...
  15. andyjanet

    Greenwich meridian line

    Greenwich meridian line Been to Greenwich and used to live near the line in Cambridge Last night we visited cleethorpes not been here since a church summer day visit when I was about 11 Well it’s still grey, miserable and cold but glad to see they’ve painted in the line Ha ha...
  16. andyjanet

    Gasit twin 11kg bottles kit for sale

    Brand new December 2017 gasit 11kg twin bottle kit, comes with £35 of gas both bottles full, fitting kit to external filler and piggy tails to regulator( no regulator as this is part of van) Can take to Moffat meet or meet somewhere convenient central uk £275 thanks Andy
  17. andyjanet

    Cadac safari chef

    For sale cadac safari chef: it’s the one without a pizza tray good condition £30 can take to Moffat or WC courier service. Andy
  18. andyjanet

    Sevylor yukon inflatable kayak

    Hi all, for sale is our inflatable kayak, it’s a sevylor Yukon built for exploring places off grid it’s capable of taking two peopl and their luggage on adventures, We used it quite a bit whilst on holidays and had a lot of fun pottering round the lakes in France & Czech It’s never been...
  19. andyjanet

    Revolution laundry

    Hi all, looking on the face ache page there are loads of these laundry’s all over uk, does anyone have a link to an interactive map, all I can find is one that does Ireland, I have contacted the company and await there response, Andy
  20. andyjanet

    Compressor fridge

    Hi all, I am in the process of planning a self build expedition vehicle and quite fancy a compressor fridge, The fridge I am interested in is a vitrifrigo DP 2600i it says this uses 65 w I have checked this against a smaller Dometic fridge which gives a figure of 4amps so the question is are my...