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  1. Corona- non essential worker

    My daughter had a letter saying that she is extremely vulnerable and must stay at home for 12 weeks not even going outside for food, so she told work who said that it was ok they would find her work in the stock room!!! 😢 To argue her case she has to go to work tomorrow with the letter.
  2. A message from Geeky Philip

    This is the best explanation of the virus I have seen. No emotive stuff just facts.
  3. Cleaning van seats

    I used the dr Beckmann stain remover because of the things suggested that was what I could get locally then scrubbed it and then used a carpet cleaner from our local hire shop! Couldn’t get a steamer
  4. Cleaning van seats

    Thanks everyone bit more to do but already looking better
  5. Cleaning van seats

    Do you know where to buy this, they used to sell it in the pound shop but I couldn't get any last couple of times I tried.
  6. Cleaning van seats

    Unfortunately it is a an unknown replacement but I can make a new cover just thought i would see if I could get it clean before I gave myself another job!
  7. Cleaning van seats

    Hi thanks I am in the south between Bournemouth and Southampton
  8. Cleaning van seats

    Bought a second hand van with very dirty seats. What's your recommended method of cleaning a car seat?
  9. How to find a head rest

    Well you have google skills because I spent half a day on it yesterday - thanks x
  10. How to find a head rest

    Mister iceman consider yourself hugged thank you x
  11. How to find a head rest

    Just been on the phone to the scrap yard they said they couldn’t help 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. How to find a head rest

    Will do but it is fairly generic looking. I was hoping someone may know somewhere that sells second hand ones online and gives the distance between the posts! Its those jobs that you think are going to be easy!
  13. How to find a head rest

    Unfortunately it is not the right seat for the van. Our nearest scrappy is about more than 30 miles away so was hoping to get one online but I can't find anyone who gives the measurement between the posts so I guess I'll have to trek across the city and see if the scrappy has one.