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    Scandinavia with dogs

    We travelled for two months around Scandinavia without once being looked at by the authorities. We could have had absolutely anything on board.
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    Financing a Motorhome

    Unless you are going to fulltime then it is just a hobby, a frippery. Only spend what you know you can comfortably spend again in case of unexpected mishaps. Engines are not cheap. I was lucky in buying a van for nearly half market value, (£10k) only for engine to blow 6 months later. Engine...
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    Village names 😄 favourites and why

    and if that is not enough,0.9968108,3a,47.7y,326.09h,92.47t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s8oE-Uhki0EDwELNDDnBWjQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
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    Village names 😄 favourites and why

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    AIB motorhome Insurance

    AIB As in the thread title. Could have had more miles for a bit more money.
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    AIB motorhome Insurance

    Renewed today. 2018 £350 2019 £362 2020 £339 With 6 months Euro cover and breakdown, 7k miles limit.
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    Are vans over 3500kg a problem?

    Size is a bit of a problem in UK. Easy in France and Scandinavia. Mine is 7.5m 4.5 tonne but still manages 30mpg. Absolutely a no brainer to have a big one if you go on longer trips.
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    Coachbuilts under 6m.

    You have a low mileage modern van with a layout that works. You clearly have the funds to maintain it. I look upon bumps and scratches as memories.
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    Thank you ?????????????

    I personally got a house seller £40k more than asking price last weekend by simply bigging up the sale......(I work for an estate agent). I will get not a penny nor a thank you as I get paid per hour rather than commission. Ho hum.
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    We've only gone and done it!

    How do you make the quick getaway when the local yoof rack up and start burning cardboard boxes outside your van at midnight? Do you use the electric button or go straight with the manual winder?
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    Think big and travel far ¬

    Bet there are no "No Motorhome" signs in his country....yet. He can look back in 30 years time and remember those glory days, before the world and his mother had a house on wheels.
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    This might of already been said...

    Please, no hard feelings. Surely?
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    Truma Trauma

    Mine struggles when voltage hits 12.4.
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    Ya boobies. You can name your WiFi device whatever you want.
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    Anxious MOT Days

    Problem solved