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  1. Scarborough? Overnights?

    Yes, I was in my motorhome. I did look for signs re parking/sleeping but didn’t seen any. A couple of weeks before I had spoken to the parking attendant and he said you could overnight and implied it was encouraged in order to discourage boy racers. When we were there, particularly Sat night...
  2. Scarborough? Overnights?

    Yes, that’s right. We were there this weekend, completely free, machines covered up. Good stop for all the reasons already given.
  3. Hi

    Small world!! I'm a regular in the Chemic! Was there on Wednesday, will be there next Wednesday and Friday. I'd like to say it's going strong but, whilst it's still a great community boozer, the three current managers have had enough and leave in January.
  4. Hi

    Hi, been 'free' member for a bit, decided it's time I became a full member. Have Hymer Starline and based in Leeds. Best wishes to all.